Data Security: 5 Powerful Steps for an Outsourcing Firm to Ensure it!

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Are you always hesitant to outsource your work?? Have you ever thought about why you are not able to outsource even with the changing scenario??

The major reason is ‘trust’, You are not sure whether they will deliver quality work or whether they’ll meet deadlines. There can be many reasons for it but one of the main reasons is Data Security. There is a general conception that your Data is not safe with an Outsourcing Firm.

Not Anymore!! These days Outsourcing Firms are specifically considering Data Security as their top priority to ensure long-term Retention of their clients. This way the clients could easily outsource their work to such firms.

Here are the steps to Ensure Data Security of the Clients:

  • Anti Malware – Anti Malware is a must for any PC in the world as it is the first step in ensuring protection from threats such as viruses, malware, worms, etc.
  • Thin Clients – A thin client is a computer that operates on a central server rather than a localized one. The staff has to login to the client’s server using the credentials provided by the clients. It is a very effective way for Data Security.
  • Highly Secured FTP Server – The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a conventional network protocol used for the transfer of data between a client and a server on a computer network. This enables smooth & secure Data Transfer.
  • Firewall Protection – Firewall Protection ensures Data Security by monitoring any incoming/outgoing traffic on a computer & blocking any unauthorized access.
  • Data Encryption – The Firms providing Outsourcing Services must ensure that the data is always in the encrypted form so that in the undesired circumstance of data theft, no one can decrypt it, thus, protecting the data from being misused.

These are the basic steps in ensuring the Data Security of a client. If you are about to offload your work to an Outsourcing Service Provider, you should first ensure that proper steps are being taken for the Data Security of their clients. If they are strictly following such procedures to ensure your Data Security, then you can rely on their services completely, without giving any second thoughts. CRSP Connect ensures strict data security by providing secured Accounting & Financial Outsourcing Services to our clients & maintain their data confidentiality.

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