Admin Support Staff

Administrative Duties


Want an event planned flawlessly? An appointment or set of appointments scheduled on your behalf? CRSP’s virtual executive assistant enables you to depute all of these tasks.

Specialized tasks

A virtual executive assistant should be capable of handling the tailor-made specific requirements, that working with the client requires. With appropriate training it is easily achievable.

Project Assistant

A virtual executive assistant can take on the work of a project management for short and medium term, which requires experience with specific platforms and technical acquaintance related to each task. A virtual admin assistant can help by coordinating with team members via email/ messaging/ video calls / CRM/ Technological platforms and ensure notifications, reminders, follow-ups, etc.

Travel arrangements.

A virtual executive assistant can help you with travel arrangements, itinerary, bookings, follow-ups and what not?

Remote office management

A virtual executive assistant can carry out functions office management in need as per the specific requirement of each client.

Unlike old age times, in this internet connected world, each of these duties no longer requires an on-site executive assistant to take handle them. Hire with us and save up-to 70%.