CPA Bookkeeping Services

Are routine bookkeeping tasks shifting your focus away from core CPA services? Has keeping books stopped you from addressing CPA issues that involve your customers? If yes, then maybe it’s time your CPA firm considers outsourcing bookkeeping / accounting. 

CRSP Connect is an acclaimed bookkeeping company that specializes in providing custom-fit bookkeeping and CPA preparation services for Certified Public Accountants. We have seasoned CPA accountants who have extensive experience in accounting software programs like Sage, Intuit, Peachtree, QuickBooks, Quicken, NetSuite, Intuit, Microsoft Dynamics GP, etc. Our bookkeepers can ensure that all your bookkeeping work is completed accurately within a short turnaround time. CPA outsourcing to us is an assured way for your firm to minimize cost and efficiently manage bookkeeping accounting.

Bookkeeping Services for Certified Public Accountants and Accounting Firms

We provide a complete range of CPA bookkeeping services including .

  • CPA Accounting Services
  • CPA Financial Statement Preparation Services
  • CPA General Bookkeeping Services
  • CPA Use Tax and Sales Preparation Services
  • CPA Tax Preparation Services

Get the CRSP Connect Advantage For Your CPA Firm!

By outsourcing your CPA bookkeeping and accounting requirements to us, you avail following advantages:

  • Services of CPA accountants and bookkeepers who are skilled in the latest bookkeeping practices and have years of experience in addressing the needs of CPA firms
  • Fast turnaround time of 3, 6, 12 or 24 hours, depending on the urgency of your requirements
  • Use of quality control processes to ensure 99.9% accuracy in bookkeeping accounting
  • Customized CPA services that caters to your CPA firm’s unique business requirements
  • Flexibility to make informed decisions with expert analysis of your financial data
  • Efficient management in both peak and lean accounting seasons with our services. You will never have to face a shortage of bookkeepers
  • Huge savings on the effort of recruiting, training and monitoring an in-house bookkeeping department. You also save on the overhead and infrastructural costs (computer, desks, software, etc.)

Partner With Us Today

Your CPA firms should not be reviewing the accuracy of every expense posting, but should rather be focusing on consulting, ratios tax work and attests. With your bookkeeping work handled by CRSP Connect, you will be able be obtain more business and get access to accurate bookkeeping at the same time. Outsource bookkeeping to tap into our accounting bookkeeping expertise today.