Outsource Tax Preparation Services

Our Tax Preparation Services can help clients in filing timely and accurate Tax Returns without burdening themselves at the last date of Return Filing. Our team has plenty of experience and knowledge regarding the US taxation Rules and Regulations.

Taxes are an obligation that every business needs to fulfill on time. And, filing for taxes can become a lengthy process depending on the size and type of business and getting accustomed with the tax system in your specific locality. Our tax preparation services can help clients file timely and accurate tax returns without overloading themselves at last date of return filling or stressing themselves for long hours. We have plenty of experience and knowledge about the US taxation rules and regulations and thus, we can help your business at every step of the way in filing tax returns and avoiding any potential penalties.

Our team specializes in the following fields:

  • Sales & Use Tax Returns Preparation
  • Payroll Tax Returns Preparation
  • Business Tax Return Preparation (1065,K1, 1120,1120S,)
  • Personal Tax Return Preparation (1040,1040A,1040EZ)

Basic Tax Software used by CRSP Connect

  • Drake : Drake
  • Intuit Proseries : Intuit Proseries
  • CCH : CCH
  • UltraTax : UltraTaxCS
  • Lacerte :  Lacerte
  • TurboTax : TurboTax

We are helping CPA and EA in tax preparation services for their Individual and Business client. Our team has more than 7 years of experience in US tax preparation. Our CPA tax preparation services can improve efficiency and profitability by freeing your firm’s resources to concentrate on higher-value client solutions and attain more desirable work-life balance – triggering superior employee & client satisfaction.

We can help you prepare sales and use tax returns by collecting all receipts from goods and services sold by your business and deducting any installments or other payments made during the year. When filing for sales and use tax returns, there is often confusion between the two types. The sales tax is levied on all retail sales and transactions whereas the use tax is levied when the former was not levied at the time and if company intends to use or consume goods or services out of state. We must make sure that you have all the sales receipts and are using the appropriate form to file for sales tax returns which is still required to be submitted even if business does not have any taxable sales over the accounting period.

When filing for payroll tax returns, we recognize the need of having to enter vast amount of data for each employee. We use a systematic approach along with latest tools and technology to help you record hours worked, pay periods and the appropriate wage compensation by accounting for any health insurance or other contributions. It is important to use the appropriate state guidelines when filing for payroll tax returns and check if you are eligible for filing additional tax returns such as federal and state unemployment tax returns. Our team has the expertise to ensure that your payroll tax filing goes smoothly, and your business complies with all rules and guidelines set forth by your respective state.

The process of filing for corporate and business tax returns is time consuming and lengthy. We can help you every step of the way from following the appropriate federal guidelines, using the appropriate forms to reviewing and reporting all income from your business activities accurately by considering all eligible deductions. We will start by using the relevant forms depending on the type of corporation. We will calculate all your expenses, dividends, profits and losses over the period and deduct part of the expenses such as depreciation, cost of goods sold and other office and property expenses. Here it is also important to consider other relevant expenses such as social security and medical related expenses.

We can also help you file for personal tax returns for business owners in a sole proprietorship or other individuals. It is important to be aware of the self-employment tax return for small business owners when filing for this tax. If you are in a business partnership with other individuals, it is also possible to file for a qualified joint venture based on the shares held by the team members. To identify the right tax rules, our tax consultants are here to help you all the way through the filing.

Our team is experienced and dedicated to take the hassle out of the entire tax return filing process. We can help you identify relevant taxes based on your business structure and use the appropriate guidelines and forms to calculate all relevant expenses to file your annual corporate or personal tax return in an accurate and timely manner.