Data Security, Confidentiality At CRSP Connect​

We, at CRSP Connect, believe that data Security is most confidential for everyone and the organization. So we take care of the confidentiality and security of our client’s confidential data. 

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We have invested our all possible resources in the security of the data considering it the top most priority.

CRSP was founded by a team of pro- professionals with more than 2 decades of varied experience in the field of Accounting, Audit, Finance, Process Implementation & Software Implementation. As a professional team at CRSP, we have implemented data security as our major task.

Security measures taken by CRSP at glance

Security Cover : The CRSP Connect office is round the clock secured by professional security personals at all the entry and exit points.

Complete CCTV Surveillance : All entry and exit points are under staff and management through the bio-metric

Bio-Metric Door Access : Entry to the office is restricted only to the staff and management through the bio-metric.

No electronic or media device allowed within the office : We do not allow entry with any sort of electronic device like mobile phone, camera, USB drives, floppy drive, CD drive etc. We have individual allotted locker outside the work area, where staff can put their belongings before entering the office

 In house highly secure FTP server : We have our own server which is highly secure and we work only on it through RDP.

 We work on Thin client : Staff is provided with Thin Clients dual-screen through which they directly login to our server. In the server, we have created the workspace for each staff with the user ID and password. The staff has to login into the server using their IDs. Which is being logged and reviewed from time to time.

Paperless Office : For enhanced security, we have strict restrictions on use of pen / pencil and papers / notepads. We have dual screen concept for every individual and we don’t have printer in our network.

 Firewall Protection : We have Sophosfirewall protection for all incoming and outgoing data.

Antivirus / Malware Protection : We have Quick Heal antivirus / malware protection at server end.

 Data Encryption : In unwanted event of data leakage, it is always in encrypted form securing the data to be misused.

As a company we know the importance of data security and we are always committed to keep it secure.