Audit Manager

Audit manager is an audit professional having more than 10 years of experience in various types of internal and statutory audits of US clients and Indian clients.

He/she oversees the process of audit and closely monitors the progress. Also, makes recommendations on the gaps identified in the audit process to the concerned CPA and getting resolved.

He is responsible for the below:

  • Perform the auditing procedures in accordance with the client firm standards and in accurate, thorough and timely manner.
  • Should recognize and resolve potential and /or existing problems with appropriate research and consulting CPA, if necessary.
  • Manage multiple clients/projects/offices at any given time.
  • Liaison with US CPA Office in a timely fashion of any issues, work status, scheduling conflicts etc.
  • Effectively handle and delegate work to the team. Responsible for subordinates activities and chargeability.
  • Work closely with US CPA office involves communication via mails and direct calling to US CPA offices/clients.
  • Work closely with management and alerting them of any issues, constraints, challenges etc. that may arise during the work.
  • Train the new hires and effectively manage the team.