Auditing Roles

CRSP Connect LLC audit professionals are highly experienced in US accounting, reporting and auditing, to help you with your auditing work from our office in India. Offshoring your Audit to us will help you to reduce your workload and gives free time to focus on the growth of your practice.

We can help CPA in completing the audits from start to end or any part as per the requirement of the CPA to reduce their work load within reasonable cost. Our team will complete the task when you are taking rest and will get update on the same when you logged in next day.

We work as one team as like your team sitting in India which facilitates the easy communication between both teams.

Our professionals having the experience in using the below audit software’s:

It is very important to provide IT infrastructure to access documents and start audits. If you don’t have the required professionals, don’t worry, at CRSP Connect, we have IT professionals who can assist in the system set up for CPA’s which facilitates smooth accessibility of the documents.

Why to hire CRSP staff:

At Cost efficient: For every CPA, it’s very important to check the cost incurred and the fees collected from the client to succeed in their practice. If you are suffering with high costs, CRSP Connect LLC is the perfect solution.

Experienced staff: It’s very important that correct personnel are appointed for the correct task. At CRSP, we have experienced staff suitable for completing your tasks.

Reduce workload/Time savings for the business: Hiring CRSP Connect LLC staff can help you to reduce the workload of CPA firm/CPA and can free up time to focus on other clients/ in getting new clients, marketing, sales, and operations of their firms.

Timely updates:  CRSP staff provides timely updates on the progress of the assigned task to the CPA which helps well in tracking the progress.

At CRSP, We will follow the below procedure to start the task/audit:

General Process SOP: CRSP staff will provide General Process SOP (standard operating procedures) which we are following for other CPA’s.

Client Process Walk through: CRSP staff closely work with CPA to understand the process followed in completion of the audit.

Client Specific SOP: CRSP staff will update the General Process SOP to client specific SOP with the help of Client process walk through to smoothen the process.

Approval of Client Specific SOP: CRSP will get the approval from the CPA for the Client specific SOP which is prepared in prior step to start in audit following step.

Audit Starts: CRSP staff will start the actual conduct of audit as per Approved Client Specific SOP.

At CRSP, we have the below categorization of audit roles: