Accounting Services

Our experts will evaluate your business performance by looking into your sales, expenses, working capital and other readily available metrics to determine your budget goals for the upcoming fiscal year.

Accounting of all business operations is important as it enables current stakeholders to evaluate the financial condition and take important decisions for business growth. Hence it is necessary to invest time in preparing thorough reports containing financial information like income statement, balance sheet & cash flow statement. Our experienced CPA and CA work with clients to maintain high quality data entry and analysis resulting in accurate financial statement and cash flow preparation.

Since financial statements are relevant to managers and executives across all divisions, they must be prepared with utmost detail and accuracy. There are numerous benefits to outsourcing this task to experts in the financial accounting field. It is a cost-effective solution rather than hiring employees to do this specific task because outsourcing it to experts can provide value added benefit and absolutely no chances of data manipulation. As our team consists of multiple experts, it is a certainty that your financial data will be double checked to ensure there are no errors.

The CRSP Team prepares monthly, quarterly and yearly analysis reports for clients. Some of the services include:

  • Cash Flow Statement preparation
  • General Ledger Preparation
  • Aging Report Preparation
  • Budget Preparation
  • Financial Analysis

In addition to preparing standard balance sheet and income statement, we will help you prepare cash flow statement which is important to see the net cash coming from operating, investing & financing activities. Based on changes seen, it can be observed whether there are capital improvements or if paying investor dividends is likely. Our experts are familiar with the US accounting principles (GAAP) and will make sure that there are no discrepancies in terms of its relation to the balance sheet. We will take care of managing your cash flow by giving you insight into the long-term funding & investing opportunities.

It is also necessary for any business to have a general ledger which gives a detailed summary of assets and liabilities through sales, expenditures accounts payable, accounts receivable and owner’s equity. We can help you keep track of all your operating activities by maintaining a thorough journal consisting of invoices, disbursements, receipts and much more. This is a critical report in accounting as most of other financial statements are derived using the general ledger. We can help you maintain a general ledger report online making it always accessible for your use. To run your operations smoothly, it is ideal to keep track of cash flowing into your business. Our team can help you prepare an accounts receivable aging report which basically creates a calendar of money owed to you by current customers highlighting accounts that are overdue. 

Our experts will evaluate your business performance by looking into your sales, expenses, working capital and other readily available metrics to determine your budget goals for the upcoming fiscal year. Once we have a clear picture of your total costs including fixed and variable costs, the next step is to calculate the sales revenue and make future projections. These figures will help us determine the gross profit margin which shows the profitability of each department. Based on our estimates, it will be possible to generate a cash flow projection for your business over the upcoming period. Our detailed budget preparation will give valuable insights on how to optimize your expenditures and costs.

Our team is qualified and experienced to handle accounting requirements of small, medium or large sized businesses. We make sure that our clients get all the accounting and financial reports with pin point accuracy to make it easier for them to strategize and focus on growing their business.

Accounting Software used by CRSP Connect
  • QuickBooks Online & Desktop version  :  QuickBooks Online & Desktop version
  • Xero :  Xero
  • SAP Business One :SAP Business One