What is Condo Audit?

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Condominiums with units require their financial to be audited or reviewed by CPA depending on the regulation framed by bye laws, state or any other regulatory authority.

Condominiums association are requiring to audit their books of accounts by certified public accountant as per the bye laws of association. Condominium with more than 50 dwelling units must require books to be audited annually. Most state regulation require association to have either review or audit the financial as per state requirements.

Who needs Condo Audit

  • Condominiums with 50 or more units
  • State laws- Florida more than $ 500,000 in revenue, California provisions in the Davis-Sterling Act, reviews must be conducted once a year, Texas – Legally require to perform audit, Colorado- Income or expenses exceeds $ 250,000, Michigan- Depends on HOA.
  • Bye Laws of Association.

Who completes Condo Audit or review?

Licensed and experienced CPA firms can conduct the Condo audit, not all CPA will do Condo audit as it is complex and requires specialized skills.

Process to complete the Condo Audit

  • Analytics Procedure and inquire with management.
  • Internal Control and system Testing.
  • Compliance with Laws and regulations
  • Fraud Detection if any
  • Confirmations from various agencies involved.

How HOAs safely Invest reserve funds for Growth

HOAs reserve fund is seen as cushion for future expenses or for future growth, capital improvements, maintenance, repairs etc.

HOAs must invest the reserve fund to maintain the property so that its value can be enhanced and it preserves the property value.   

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